June 29, 2008

Tyler's Tag

Attached or single? Nope still single....I'm waiting...waiting...anyone out there...I'm still waiting....yep still single.

Best Friend? My big brother Brad!! He is someone that I look up to, someone that I want to be like! and Bubba Goodwin! He is a great friend of mine, a person I get advice from, and he is always there for me! and Matt Ratelle, he has always been a person I look up to, he is hilarious, and helps me to stay strong in life! thanks! O, and my dog Molly! (before she sadly passed away)

Cake or Pie? This one stumped me, until I really thought about it for a few minutes, and I realized carrot cake from costco .( or carrot cake from anywhere) AND my moms mouth watering strawberry rhubarb pie! mmmmmmmm.....DELICIOUS!!!

Day of Choice? I really want to say Saturday, it means that I am done with school for the week, and I get to hang out with my friends, but it also means that I have to do yard work, or do homework. In the summer time any day of the week is A great day!

Essential items?? Well... I don't really have any, but I am big in inspirational words to keep me going through the stressful times in life. I have these wrist bands that I always keep on, so I would have to say my wristbands, or a picture of my family in my wallet, without them I don't know where I would be today! Love you guys!

Favorite color? I love the color blue! and white!

Gummi Bears or Worms? I would have to say neither, but I do say sour patch kids! I think it's because they are sweet tasting!

Hometown? I was born in Manassas, Virginia. I can't say that is my hometown because I lived their for only 2 years...I think, maybe? My heart lies in Hayden Lake, Idaho! It's not a place I want to live my entire life, I love the cities! But its hard to beat the summer in Hayden, and this place is a great place to visit I'm sure!

Indulgences? Sun chips!!!! I can eat, and eat, and eat some more of those! I usually go for the ones in the green bag, I don't know what they are called I find the color of the bag, and I don't look back!

January or July? JULY!!!! Especially after this past winter!! In July you can go swimming, and enjoy the sun, oh, yea it's also Summer time!!!

Kids: Well I'm proud to say I don't have any myself, what a relief. However, I do have 2, almost three, amazing Nephews; Coen, Atlas, and baby Hayden Rush! Meagan, I actually really like that name you picked out for the new kid!

Like or Love? Well...I have never been "in love" before, but after hearing Tawni talk about her awesome boyfriend Ryan, I'm sure it's an awesome feeling! but I would have to say "like" as of right now...

Marriage date? well... this is awkward... I'm only 18 years old! still single... and still waiting ... I haven't even gone on my mission yet!

Number of siblings? One skip a few: two, three! Brad, Meagan, Tawni!!! Love you guys!!!

Phobias: Spiders, bees, and snakes! They make me either run away, or make me cringe! They are known to give me nightmares!!!

Quotes: I love this one it is from the the 7 time winner of the Tour De France, Lance Armstrong. "Make an obstacle an opportunity, make a negative a positive."

Reasons to smile: Knowing that I still have my whole life, and tons of journey's to look forward to. To know I will be able to have a family of my own sometime, and to know that I have the Greatest family ANYONE can ever ask for! I don't show it for the most part, but if something were to happen to them I would be devastated!

Season: SUMMER!!!!!! it's a time to live life, enjoy your friends company, and make memories that will always stick with you in life! Also because the sun is always out!

Tag six? Matt??? He is the only one I know that hasn't done this thing! Matt really these things are fun you should do one!

Unknown fact: I am not sure? I love dirt biking.

Vegetarian or a oppressor of animals? MEAT, MEAT, MEAT!!!

X-Rays or Ultra sound? X- rays if I said Ultra sound that could be awkward, and make me as well as everyone else a little confused.

Favorite food: Lasagna, Pepperoni pizza, and blackened chicken pasta from Tomato Street!

Zodiac: I have no idea, but my birthday is in April!!!

June 26, 2008

I'm Chiming In.......

I have been tagged by Ryan. In case you don't know, Tawni and Ryan have started a blog again. It's in the process of being put together. As soon as it's ready I will give you the address. Here we go.

Attached or Single: Very attached....at the hip....to my wonderful, awesome husband Alan.

Best Friend: My very best friend is Alan, then of course all my kids are my best friends. I am so lucky to have kids that want to talk to me every day. Most of the time it's at least 2 or 3 times a day. Is that unusual?????

Cake or Pie: It used to be cake, and unlike Meagan I would rather have the cake without the frosting. But now I think it's pie. I love Strawberry/Rhubarb pie.

Day of Choice? Probably Saturday because it usually means Alan doesn't have to work and we can spend the whole day together.

Essential Items: My cell phone (so I can talk to my kids whenever they need me), gum, Alan.

Favorite Color: Yellow. Same as Alan.....if you have any doubt, just look at our house.

Gummi Bears or worms? Forsure sour gummi worms. I love them!!!

Hometown: I was born in Wadena, Minnesota, but Hayden, Idaho is where my heart is.

Indulgences: Pepperoni Pizza (If I could only have one food item on a desserted island it would be pepperoni pizza) but I love all kinds of desserts and love reading a good book. This is an indulgence because when I find a good book nothing else gets done, so I don't do this very often.

January or July: Definately July!!!! I hate being cold!!

Kids: Brad, Meagan, Tawni and Tyler ( the best kids ever). Add in a son-in-law Brent, and soon to be daughter-in-law Jessie, and eventually Ryan and we are the luckiest people around.....not to mention 2 awesome grandsons, Coen and Atlas and baby Hayden Rush on the way.

Like or Love: Definately love!!! Love is what makes the world go round.

Marriage Date: January 28, 1984. Almost 25 years. Yeah Baby!!!!

Number of Siblings: Two. My sister Heidi and my brother Pete. Love them!!

Phobias: Forsure it has to be spiders. They scare me half to death. Ask Brad. When he was 3 years old he was killing spiders for mommy because she was too scared. Plus, going fast on anything....cars, bikes, motorcycles, snow skis, jet ski's, mopeds, skate boards. You name it. Sorry Alan. (As a side note, Meagan only mentioned her phobia of lightning. I have to add for her that she is also very afraid of flying balls. Baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls, you name it. She attracts them all like a magnet.)

Quotes: This is just one of my favorites: "If you work hard at the Gospel its easy, if you work easy on the Gospel, it's hard"

Reason to Smile: So many.......but mostly that I get to say I am married to my best friend, and my family makes me so happy.

Season: Probably summer because that is when it is the warmest out, but I love spring for the new growth and fall for the pretty colors. Ok. Winter is pretty when it's snowing, but not 160 inches of it like this year.

Tag Six? Brad, Tawni, Tyler, Coen, Atlas and Marilyn

Unknown fact: I have never recieved a traffic ticket of any kind. Came close a couple times, but they felt sorry for me. Also, I used to have a paper route in 6th grade for about 1 month. That didn't last long.

Vegetarian or Opressor of Animals: I wish I didn't like meat, but I love it.

X-Rays or Ultra Sound: Ultra Sound. It usually meant getting to see babies in tummies. X-rays now mean mammograms.....not so fun.

Your Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza, which also fits under indulgence.

Zodiac: Scorpio. They are suppose to be strong willed. Does that fit with my personality??? Ask Alan. I always blamed it on my German heritage.

June 24, 2008

The Tagging of Alan Griffitts, by Alan Griffitts

I have been tagged........Does that mean that I am it? Not it!

Attached or Single? Fully attached in so many ways. I found the girl who makes the best lasagna ever.....why would I let her go?

Best Friend? If I say Bobby I would offend Steve. If I say Steve that would be offensive to Bobby. Of course..... what ever I say would offend my beautiful wife. So I will have to say my best friend right now is Barak Osama Bama because he handed Ms. Clinton a solid defeat! I hope that I will soon be able to make John McCain my best friend....for obvious reasons.

Cake or Pie? PIE....Strawberry Rhubarb Pie....Peach Pie.....Berry Pie....PIE, PIE, PIE

Day of Choice? Pay Day

Essential Items? Gas in my gas hog truck

Favorite Color? Yellow.....is this a character flaw? I am glad it is not Rainbow!

Gummy Bears or Worms? What a stupid question. I'm not playing.......

Home Town? Hayden Lake Idaho....the gateway to Bayview.... home of the Large Scale Vehicle, SEAJET, and 'Pondie' the PendOreille Monster

Indulgences? Any hamburger at Dead... I mean Red Robin...and keep those fries coming. I also like to have them bring me a side of mayo and BBQ sauce for making my own special fry sauce. Top that off with a piece of pie (see above).

January or July? Toss up here. If I must choose, July wins. I crashed on my bike in July, did not like that much. Hate parades..... So I guess it is January.

Kids? Four of the best....Dr. Brad Griffitts, MD (I needed him to become a orthopedic surgeon to help ensure that he keeps me put together), Meagan Zastrow winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (for publishing childrens books which was the primary contributor for establishing world peace), Tawni Griffitts, US Ambassador to Nigeria (because their children are so cute), T.J. Griffitts winner of the 2015 US Open golf tournament and Daytona 500 (sponsored by Nike and Preparation H). All four are proficient spitters, and all can wipe their own ........... unassisted.

Like or Love? what?

Marriage Date? January 28, 1984. 25 years coming soon. Another reason to like January.

Number of Siblings? 5.....you know who you are. I love Amy the best....sorry....deal with it.

Phobias/fears? Loud obnoxious women, and anything that deals with golf courses.....really.

Quotes? Here is my favorite....
The average runner runs until the breath in him is gone,
But the Champion has the iron will that makes him carry on.
For rest the average runner begs when limp his muscles grow,
But the Champion runs on leaden legs, his courage make him go.
The average man's complacent when he has done his best to score,
But the Champion does his best.....and then does a little more!

Here is another poem I wrote:
"I shot an arrow into the sky.........It stuck!"

Reason to Smile?
I married the best looking woman in the world. I married the best mother in the world. I married the best wife in the world. I sleep with the sexiest grand mother in the world. All my kids will be rich some day. Raspberries. Pie.

Season? Love them all/hate them all.

Tag Six...
Sister Amy, Daughter Meagan, Jessie Caldwell, Brother Bobby, Ryan Piggott, Ricky Bobby.

Unknown fact about me? I cannot understand Isaiah. Also, my brother Steve used to like to be in musicals.

Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Meat baby meat!

X-Rays or Ultrasounds? I am a SONAR guy......Ultrasound!

Your Favorite Food? Calimari Rhoad Island Style at Leagal Seafood. Did I say Pie?

Zodiac? Gemini the twins.....explains my dual personality!

A Visit from the kids!!!!

The day that Alan, Tyler and I got back from D.C., Brad, Jessie, Tawni and Ryan came up for a quick visit. They made the long drive up from Utah. It was so great to have them here. Jessie had never been here and had never been on a motorcycle. The weather cooperated for us. One of the reasons that Brad and Jessie were here was to get engagement pictures taken by Brady Campbell. You can look at their awesome pics by going to bradycampbell.net, click on senior site, click on senior site again, then click on clients at the bottom of the screen and the password is bgriffitts. Once again Brady did such a great job. We highly recommend him for any type of pic you want. Thanks Brady!!!!!!!! Brad getting ready for a long bike ride with the guys.
Alan testing out Steve's new bike.

Saturday morning Ryan, Tyler, Brad and Alan rode their bikes around Hayden Lake. It's a great 25 mile bike around the entire lake. As you can tell, the weather was perfect. We were so happy to have the kids here.

Our day with Uncle Steve

Steve is the best friend, Uncle, Brother, Bishop there is. He took care of us. We were all able to go to the Country Club and watch the guys golf. They were even able to get Alan to go golfing. The girls got to drive the carts. We had so much fun just hanging out together. Steve you are Awesome!!!!
Tawni got to try a hole........
Tyler was able to hang out for a couple holes and then had to go to work.

Pictures after golf. What a great view and what an awesome family. We love you all. After golfing, Brad and Jessie went to get engagement pictures and the rest of us went to the ward BBQ. Later that night we went for dessert at the Country Club. (Thanks once again Steve) and then played Up and Down the River at our house. We missed you Marilyn.......but we know you were having fun with your grandkids.

We were all able to volunteer to help at the Ironman Race in Coeur d'Alene. What an awesome event. Here are just a few pics at our station and we also went to watch the beginning of the swim. The water was 59 degrees at the time. I can't believe people can do this. Are you up for it Brad and Ryan? We will be your support crew!

June 23, 2008

Washington, D.C.

A view of the White House.
The Capitol Building.
Alan and Tyler in the Air and Space Museum. This day was very long. We went to all the major monuments and then to the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. D.C. is so beautiful.

The Eternal Flame honoring J.F.K.
The changing of the guard. This is so awesome to see. Every time I see it I am amazed at the dedication that these men have. We were also to see a wreath changing ceremony.

Seeing the Sites in D.C.

Tyler's favorite Memorial in D.C. was the WWII Memorial. It really is beautiful and was something that I hadn't seen yet in D.C. What a tribute to those that have served our Country.

This is the Korean Memorial that is also new since we lived in D.C. We thought of Grandpa Jim.
The Vietnam Memorial. These roses were placed for the Fathers that were lost since it was Father's Day.

Baltimore Oriole's Game

On the last night that Alan, Tyler and I were there we were able to go to Baltimore and watch the Oriole's play the Houston Astro's. We had awesome seats and the Oriole's ended up winning the game in the 10th inning. What a beautiful stadium it is!!!

Nola and Marian's last night in D.C.

The Iwo Jima Memorial. We went here the last evening that Nola and Marian were with us. There just so happened to be a "parade" of the Marines and Naval Academy in the field right next to the memorial and there were a lot of people. We couldn't get any closer than this to the memorial. It was beautiful though and fun to see. The sunlight was hitting the memorials just perfect for this picture.

Nola, Marian, Tyler and I on the tour bus through Arlington Cemetary. The Ampitheater at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetary.

Our Trip to Washington D.C.

On July 14th Alan, Tyler and I took off for Washington, D.C. Alan had business to take care of and Tyler was only 1 and a half when we moved away from Virginia. He has been wanting to visit ever since and this was his opportunity. Also along on the trip were Nola and Marian. They work with Alan and we were able to show them some of the sites in D.C. We all had so much fun. This was Tyler's first time on the Metro Train leading into D.C. Unfortunately he was very tired and slept through most of the short trip into the city.
We got off the metro right in the middle of the Mall. The first thing we saw was the Washington Monument. It was a beautiful day.

We thought it was pretty cool to see policemen riding horses through the city.

Happy Birthday Alan!

Alan turned 44 on June 8th. We just had a small gathering at the house. Marilyn played a special number on her Marimba's (spelling?) Actually she played 4 different versions of Happy Birthday. It was awesome!!