July 21, 2009

The kids are off to Kentucky!! :(

I have to say that I am one sad Gigi!!! Little did I know that it would be so difficult to say goodbye to these little grandkids when we agreed to let them stay with us for a few months. It was almost as difficult as if I gave birth to them myself. Oh yeah....I will miss you too Meagan and Brent. All kidding aside. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have them all stay with us for these past few months and as hard as it was to all be in the same household at times, I know that I was so lucky to be able to bond with my grandkids! They are so special to us and I really am exicted for them to be able to start a new chapter in their lives. Thanks for staying with Gigi and Poppi for a while and come back soon to visit! We love you and miss you so much!

Happy Birthday Emy!

Grandma Shar was there too! Everyone was so nice to come celebrate.

I am going to miss my little bundle of joy! Have fun in Kentucky Emy and I will see you soon!

Our camping Trip to Farragut.

Baby Aiden made it up for our dinners with his mommy and daddy. You can barely see him all bundled up here. He was a trooper.

Emy spent most of her time walking around in the dirt, but we were able to contain her sometimes.

Foil dinners on the first night.

The first night it rained but that didn't stop us from having fun!

My kids have kids!!!

4th of July

Our little Emy! She is always so happy. We went to Dennis and Kelli's for the annual Slip-n-slide. The boys loved it. Especially Atlas who must have gone down about 500 times. He was shivering to death and yet, that didn't matter.

Atlas was eating a hot dog that was almost as big as him. He only stopped long enough from the slip-n-slide to get some nourishment.

The boys loved going down the slide together. That night we went to Steve and Marilyn's for dessert and then down to the Country Club to watch the fireworks. They were beautiful and it was just such a great day!

July 04, 2009

Baby Aiden is here!!!

Little Baby Aiden Alan Griffitts was born on July 2nd at 11:17 am. He weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. and was 20 1/4 inches long. He is beautiful!! A perfect combination of Brad and Jessie. Jessie was such a trooper. She did everything without medication and felt so good afterwards. We are so happy for this little family! I feel so lucky and blessed to have been able to be there. Gigi and Poppi with Grandchild #4!

Cute Family!

Brad is a new Daddy!

He was so alert when he was born!