March 31, 2009

Let the Party Begin!!!

On Tuesday the 24th of March, Meagan, Emy and I were able to drive down to Logan and stay with Tawni for a couple days before the wedding to help prepare things. It was a really special time to be together and have girl time. Emy was in Heaven. How often will she have three women willing to hold her every waking moment. We had a lot of fun. On Thursday, Alan, Tyler, Brent, Coen and Atlas made it down. Followed by Amy, Tytan, Miley, and Darbye. Brad and Jessie also made it in that evening. We all piled into three hotel rooms and started the celebrating. This is Atlas after being in a car for ten hours. He was ready to be out, but he and Coen were such good boys. Ryan came and joined us for the evening. We hung out, ate and then we all went swimming in the pool.

Brent, Meagan, Tyler, Tawni and Ryan.

Pool time for Tawni, Ryan and Tyler.

Emy and Meagan. Emy loved the water! We had to keep her out of the hot tub because it was too warm, but she loved kicking her feet.

Mani's, Pedi's and lunch.

Friday morning we were able to go get Manicure's and Pedicure's with the girls. It was fun and relaxing. Then we went to the Olive Garden for lunch and Amy and Darbye met us there. In the picture are: Heather (Ryan's sister), Sam (Heather's Son), Kathy, Tawni, Kylie (Heather's daughter), Amy, Emy, Meagan, Sandy, Jessie and Darbye. Aunt Tawni with Coen and Atlas!

Bachelorette Party!

The night before the wedding we all went to the Temple with Tawni for Endowements. Amy stayed back with all the kids so that Brent could go. Thanks Amy! We sure love you!! Thanks for risking your life to come to the wedding. (On the way home after the wedding we hit the most aweful snowstorm you can imagine. We were lucky to get through in one piece.)

The old married couples.....although I think that Brad and Jessie still qualify as newlyweds. You can't tell but Jessie is looks so cute and preganant with the newest Griffitts baby.
The girls all crowded on Darbye's bed. We all came back to the room and 'toasted' Tawni with Sparkling Cider and then we each told a Tawni story. We laughed and cried! Jessie, Meagan, Darbye, Tawni, Sandy, Amy and Alyssa.

Tawni and her Daddy.

Tawni's last night as a single girl. She shared a bed with Alyssa. Just like when they were little.

The Wedding Day!!!

Here is the Cute couple after the wedding. We were so lucky that the weather was good for us this day. The next day we had a major snowstorm!! Tawni was so beautful! What a wonderful experience. We shared many tears of happiness. We really are thrilled for you both!

Ryan and his buddies!

The Luncheon at Hamilton's

After the wedding we had family and friends join us for a luncheon at Hamilton's Restaraunt that Russ and Kathy provided for. It was such a beautiful place for a luncheon and the food was phenomenal. We also showed a slideshow of Tawni and Ryan from baby age on up to their growing up years, dating and engagement. I love my Tawni and Ryan!

Our friends the Gerrards all made it for the day. We love you guys so much! Sorry we didn't get to hang out and talk very much! We will see you this summer for Priest Lake and the Triathalons!

Darbye, Lindsay, Riley and Ava.

Our Family and Friends at the Luncheon

Here is our cute Amy with Tytan at the luncheon. The food was good.

This was perfect for Meagan and Brent. The kids couldn't get out. The luncheon took quite a while. The natives get a little restless.....but they were awesome!

The Scoffield's were able to make it down for the Luncheon. They have been so great to Tawni and we were really happy that they were there.

Ryan, Kathy and Russ.


The Reception

Tawni and Ryan cutting the cake. I did a terrible job of making sure that candid pictures were taken at the reception. The Riter Mansion was sooooo beautiful and the Centerpieces and all the flowers were incredibly beautiful. I hope that the photographer got some pictures of these things. We had a dessert buffet of flambed' fruit that was really good. People got to watch it be prepared and pick apples or bananas. The Riter Mansion also has a beautiful fireplace in this room that we decorated with lots of candles and pictures. We had a candy buffet too.

Here is Atlas and Coen eating their candy.

Here are all the cousins. We were so lucky to have so many family members at the wedding. Thanks for coming! We love you!!! Tytan, Alyssa, Aunt Amy, Tyler, Darbye, Meagan, Jenna (with baby Miley), Brad, Michael, Tawni, Brittany, Ryan, Brad, Trey (who counts as a cousin), Jessie and Mary (Trey's girlfriend).

After the Wedding

After the wedding we had a big slumber party....minus Tawni and Ryan. It was so fun to hang out with family and friends. Kelli, Jenna and Brad came and hung out until pretty late as well as Jeremy Frint and his wife Kelsey. Jeremy is like one of our kids and we love Kelsey. Michael, Brittany, Alyssa, Jessie and Brad all stayed. Brittany had no clothes so went to Old Navy to find jammies. We were so glad that they decided to stay with us. Everyone was so nice to drive from various locations to spend the day with us! We love you all!!!!!

March 17, 2009

Sunrise/Sunset Dinner

I was able to go with Tyler to the Sunrise/Sunset Dinner at the Cd'A Resort. This is an annual event for Seniors that is put on for Mothers/Sons and Father's/daughters. We had a really nice dinner and a speaker and then we all danced. This class loves to dance, so we had a blast. Of course the songs that people liked to dance to the most were the songs from my era. It was so fun to be with Tyler. I can't believe he will be graduating soon. Love you Tyler!!!!

Here is the group we sat and danced with. Kelsey, Matt, Robby, Tyler and Kama.

Tyler and I and Suzie and Matt.

Kama and I. Kama came with Randy Astin because Dennis was out of town.

Wendy, Me and Randy. Typical Randy face.

Happy Birthday to Amy!

Sunday was Amy's birthday so it doesn't take much for us to want to have a family party, but Amy's birthday was a perfect excuse. We love you so much Amy!!! Amy got new "bling" earrings. We had to take a picture. Amy, Meagan, Lorin.

Emy and her cute mom. We always miss the big smiles cuz she is staring at the red dot on the camera.

She loves to suck on this thing for some reason. We thought it was funny. She will drag it with her everywhere.

Tawni's Bridal Shower

Tawni came into town this past weekend for the last time as a single girl! Yes, this makes me a little sad. My baby girl is all grown up! While she was here Lisa Scoffield had a Bridal Shower for her at her house. It was so nice and we had a great time and had a nice lunch. Thanks so much Lisa! It was fun for Tawni to see everyone. Here is a picture with Lorin.

Our Family at the shower. Emy, Meagan, Amy, Tawni, Grandma Shar, Suzie, me and Marilyn.

Lisa and Tawni.

Denise, Suzie, Tawni, Mama Wendy, Kelli and Marilyn.

Nancy, Wendy, Tawni, Kristina, Shawna and Marilyn H.

Picture of the Moon

This is actually a picture of the moon. I got up the other morning and opened the blinds in my kitchen and this is what I saw. This was actually the moon going down at about 6:30 in the morning. I have never seen it do this before. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't capture the true beauty of it, but it was awesome!