December 10, 2007

Tyler's Jr. Prom

Once again, I have forgotten to turn the picture before I download. Anyway, Tyler had his Jr. Prom on Saturday night. He looked so good. Hard to believe that he is old enough, but he is and he looked so handsome. He and two other couples came to our house for dinner. Alan and I played cooks, host and hostess, waiter and waitress and dishwashers. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves as there was a lot of laughing and talking at the table. After dinner they had some time to spare so they played Disney's Scene It. Of course the girls won because girls always know the Disney movies better than boys!
Tyler's date was this adorable girl that he met while they were in the play, "High School Musical" at CHS. She is very outgoing and loves to dance, as does Tyler...(go figure...he gets his dancing skills from me and Meagan....not Alan). He said they danced all night with there group of friends and had a blast!
I know Alan and I are waaaaaay under dressed, but it is always a tradition to take a pic with the prom attendee. After the dance they went up to our friends the Leonard's and Denise made all the kids breakfast. We were happy that Tyler had a fun night.

November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Road Trip

We had the most excellent Thanksgiving Road Trip. We left on Saturday the 17th, bright and early from Hayden, and arrived in Logan in the evening. The roads were bare the whole way and it was a great day. We stayed in Logan Saturday night and then went to church with Tawni, Ryan and Ryan's mom on Sunday. That evening we went to Mapleton to stay with the Gerrard's for a night before heading to Las Vegas to see Meagan and family. The weather was so warm for the middle of November. It was about seventy degrees so we had dinner on the back patio. In this picture is Kristi (Jason's wife), Jason, Hailey, Carter DeMotte and Carly. Bradford and Alan.
Sandy and Marilyn.

Alan and Sandy
Danielle, Mike and Alexis. Cute family! We so appreciate the Gerrard hospitality. We always come and crash and eat their food and always have extra people along. This was the start to our week. We ended our week at the Gerrard's also. On the way back we went to the BYU-Utah game!!! Go Cougs!! What an awesome day. It was so fun to be there on such a beautiful day.

"Mama Mia" Night

The Tuesday night that we were in Las Vegas we took the kids to the play, "Mama Mia". It was such an awesome play! Before the play started we went to eat dinner at the House of Blues which was also in the Mandalay Bay Casino. We had so much fun with the kids just hanging out and Brent and Meagan were happy for a night out with the boys.
We were so happy to be with our family!
After our meal at the House of Blues.
After the play we walked around The Mandalay Bay for a while and decided to have some dessert.

"Hanging out" at The Stratosphere

On the day before Thanksgiving, the Gerrard Family came down to Vegas for the day because they were spending a few days in St. George. Being the thrill seekers that this is, the decided to go on the rides at the top of The Stratosphere. I played Grandma and watched the boys and took pictures. They have three separate rides on top. All of them scarey. As if it wasn't scarey enough to be so high up!! Atlas and Uncle Brad after the rides.
This ride hangs you out over the side of the building and then goes around and around. It would have made me sick. It almost did make me sick to just watch it.
A view from the top.
Tawni, Meagan and Atlas.
Our Best Friends!!!

Taking in the sites

After everyone had fun on The Stratosphere we went for lunch at Rosie's Diner and walked around inside The Belogio Casino. What a beautiful Casino. Here is the gang resting while we decide what our next site would be. Tyler, Brad, Tawni, Carly (on Hailey's lap) Hayden, Zach and Marilyn.
The water spouts and Garden in The Belogio. Picture of the strip.

Carly and Tawni "playing Vanna White".
SOMEONE taught Coen how to shoot spit wads while we were having lunch at Rosie's Diner. We had a great lunch and the waiters and waitress's even sang songs.

A Day on the Las Vegas Strip

We walked around on the strip in the evening and got to see a lot of "free" Shows. Here we were at The Mirage watching the fire show. Marilyn, Brad, Sandy and Alan.
The Belogio water show. This was so spectacular. We watched it in the dark and during the day. Nighttime was magical.
The Gerrard's and Griffitts waiting for a show to start. It was cold!......for Vegas anyway.
The Las Vegas Strip! The Belogio water show during the day.

Photo Ops

We took the opportunity to get lots of pics. Atlas is so cute!!!! Coen was very selective about what pictures he would be in so we just had to take what we could get, which sadly wasn't very much.
Atlas and Aunt Tawni!!!
Atlas and Poppi!!!
Atlas was so proud that he could get in and out of this chair all by himself. Yeah! We got a pic of Coen! He was at the computer playing games. This four year old even knows how to play Chess!!!

Thanksgiving Day at the Zastrow's

We were able to be at Meagan and Brent's house for Thanksgiving Day! Brent did a great job on the turkey and the whole meal was awesome. What a relaxing day....although it was a little cold for Vegas weather. Atlas loves to take pictures, but getting Coen to pose for pictures was like pulling teeth.
Snacking before the meal.
Coen's Wheat Thin Sandwich. Sandy, Meagan and Tawni

Zion's National Park

On our way back from Las Vegas to Provo we went through Zion's National Park. What a beautiful place. We definately plan on going back when it's warmer and go on some long hikes and do some camping. Maybe next summer.....
How do you flip these pictures? Oh well, we can look at it sideways.
Me and the boys at Weeping Rock. Water falls from these rocks and it's beautiful. Alan and the Boys.

October 25, 2007


Ok, so.....I got tagged and I'm suppose to tag 6 other people, but all the people that I know that have blogs have already been tagged, so I will just write about myself, which isn't easy to do. I am having a hard time thinking of things you don't all already know, but here goes. I may even surprise my own kids.
1. I secretly would love to be on "Dancing with the Stars". If Jane Seymore and Marie Osmond can do it, I should be able to too. Hopefully I wouldn't faint on national T.V. like Marie did.
2. When I was 7 years old I was able to go to Austria with my Grandparents and climb the Alps. Most beautiful place in the world. (Next to Hayden, Idaho of course)
3. I have never in all my 42 years received a moving violation of any kind. Twice I almost got a speeding ticket. I was able to talk myself out of them though. Ask Tawni, she was there for one of them.
4. I love to work out. I think I have become obsessive. One hour of some sort of cardio and 1 hour of weights or pilates 5-6 days a week. I think the real reason I like to work out is because I like to eat too much. As I've gotten older I can't eat like I used to without gaining weight, so working out is the answer. I actually have a friend that I work out with every day and we call it our therapy session. Saves us hours at the psychiatrist.
5. I love watching football and race car driving with Alan. That's not too unusual, but I am not quite sure what the appeal of watching race cars go around and around and around and around is.........
6. I would much rather bake than cook. There is a difference. I love to make cookies, cakes, rolls, breads, etc. But dinner.....not so much!

Ok. Not so interesting, but there you go.

October 21, 2007

Wedding weekend for Dad and Deb!

We were so happy that Ryan came with Tawni for the wedding and a quick weekend in Idaho. Too bad the weather was so bad, but Alan and Ryan still got a motorcycle ride in up on Canfield Mountain. The girls and Atlas!
The happy couple
Tyler just woke up and still had his retainer in.
No smiles from him. Atlas was all smiles though.

More Fun!

Tawni, Jessi and Cassidi eating yummy food. Jim and Heidi enjoying themselves. We love our family.
Poppi and Atlas. What an easy-going little boy.
Gigi and Atlas!!