December 05, 2008

Carly's Wedding

We were so happy to be there for Carly's wedding. This was before we left. Photo ops at the hotel. Atlas, Tawni and Ryan.

Coen and Aunt Tawni
It wasn't long ago that these girls were playing dress up or playing in the woods while we were camping. Now look at them!

Our Slumber Party

The Saturday before Thanksgiving we got a big hotel room with 2 bedrooms and a living room in Salt Lake because we were all going to Carly Gerrards wedding. It just happened to be at the same time as the disappointing football game between BYU and Utah. We had a full house along with Mike DeMotte and his kids. This is a true test on how to get along. Just ask the guys how fun it was with 4 little kids in a 10 X 15 foot area while they tried to watch the game! Brad and Jessie practicing what it will be like to have a baby. We haven't put it up here yet but Jessie is due to have a baby on July 4th! We are so happy for them!

Doesn't Brad look totally natural holding Emy? NOT! You need lots of practice Brad!

Meagan with her Daddy!

We love this picture so much just because it has 4 cute kids and Atlas is picking his nose! Atlas, Alexix, Coen and Carter.

Sunday Morning in Salt Lake

Sunday morning we had some time to kill before Brad and Jessie's Sacrament meeting started so we took the kids down to walk around the Temple. It was a little Chilly, but so beautiful!

The Zastrow Family!

Having Fun

Here is the sibling pic at the basketball game. Before long everyone will be scattered all over the United States. We will take advantage of these opportunities to be together.

Poppi reading Skippy Jon Jones to Coen and Atlas.
Cute little Atlas. We were able to stay with Brent and Meagan for a couple days. It was fun to be with them.

Coen Buddy!

Baby Emy!!!

Utah Jazz Game!

I don't know if you can see how red Tyler is in this picture, but he was pretty red. We were able to go to a Utah Jazz game the night before Thanksgiving with the Piggott family. Ryan's Dad Russ really hooked us up. THANKS RUSS!!! After the game we saw two of the cheerleaders and Ryan's mom Kathy said "Sandy, go ask those girls to take a picture with Tyler". Being the shy person that I am......I was able to snap this pic. It was well worth watching Tyler. Four of the seats we had were about 13 rows up from this basket in the background. They were awesome seats. Emy was such a good girl the whole game. Brent and Meagan ejoyed a night out.

These were the seats for the other tickets. Still a great view. It was just fun to be there.

Watching the game.

The four seats at the bottom. I traded with Tyler after a while so he could get closer.

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving day was such a great day and Tawni and Ryan's house. Ryan was so nice to let us all stay in his new house when he hasn't even lived there yet. We definately invaded. In this picture we tried about 10 times to capture Emy smiling but the camera always missed it. She kept making the funniest faces! She's so fun! Tawni made rolls for the first time. They turned out awesome!

It was also Tawni's 21st birthday on Thanksgiving Day! Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you so much! Coen and Atlas helped her blow out the candles on her favorite cake. Rainbow chip.

We spent many hours playing up and down the river. It was fun.

The family...including Alexis DeMotte. My how we have grown in the last couple years. We were also very happy to have Mike and the kids with us for a couple days for Thansgiving. Jessie's sister and husband came up too. We are so blessed! What a great week we had!

November 16, 2008

A busy week of visits

This week not only brought a visit from Meagan, Tawni and Emmy. It also brought a visit from one of my best friends from high school. Liane (second from the right) is currently living in Tel Aviv in Isreal. She hasn't been back to Idaho for about 15 years and it was good to have her stay with me for a couple days. One of the nights we met some of our other best girlfriends from High School for dinner and had the best time. Time flies. It made remember how much I cherished these friendships. From the left: Shannon Bullock, Kristin Herby, me, Liane and Debbie Doyle.

After Tyler's play yesterday we went to Red Robin for dinner with all the family. This was just a fraction of the people sitting at our table. We were sitting right next to Amy and Jeremy and Tytan. They moved back to Idaho this week. We are so happy!! Don't we have beautiful girls?!

Guys and Dolls

So..........Tyler was in the play "Guys and Dolls", along with Mathew, Caleb, Madison Leonard, Kent Cockrell and Jackson Hern from our ward. It was so fun to see the play. It was awesome! The kids are all so talented and it was very entertaining. We were sad to see it end. As a surprise to Tyler we had Meagan, and Tawni come up to watch and as a bonus we got to see little Emily. It was so fun to have them here for a quick trip. We love our family.

Cute little Emily. What a big girl!
Tyler's last play.

The Ensamble!

Matt, Jessie Little, Caleb, Tyler, Maddie, Kent Cockrell and Jackson Hern.

November 05, 2008

I've been tagged...

We've been tagged by Jessie. I won't answer for Alan. I will let him do his own.

**Five things I was doing ten years ago**
1. I still had all my kids at home.
2. I spent more time in the car driving kids around than at home.
3. I was working as a teachers aide at Hayden Meadows.
4. I was still driving an aerostar van.
5. I didn't have the internet.

**Five things on my to-do list today.

1. Work out at the gym.
2. Help Alan fix the heater in our house, because it decided to break down on the coldest day of the fall so far.
3. Go get massages with Alan cuz it's my birthday.
4. Go out to eat.
5. Pray that our new president will lead our country in the right direction.

**Five snacks I enjoy**
1. Doritos ( I know....not good)
2. Sour Patch kids (I know...not good)
3. Pepperoni Pizza (I know....not good)
4. Wheat Thins (Not so bad)
5. Anything cakey

**Five things I would do if I were a millionaire**

1. Pay off our house.
2. Pay for all our kids educations....all the way through dental and medical school.
3. Buy houses for our kids
4. Take the whole family on a big, fun, vacation.
5. Give to Charity.

**Five places I have lived**

1. Minnesota
2. North Dakota
3. Idaho
4. Washington
5. Virginia

**Five jobs I have had**

1. Worked in a Printing Place
2. Worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken
3. Worked at Burger King
4. Worked as a secretary in the business Education department in college
5. Worked at a Craft Store (there are more...but I will stop right there)

**Five tagged**

1. Heather
2. Lindsay
3. Marilyn
4. Steve
5. Riley

October 19, 2008

Weekend with Tawni and the Piggott's

Tawni and Ryan came up for the weekend so that they could get their engagement pictures taken by Brady Campbell. It definately was worth it. The weather was perfect for a fall day and the leaves are beautiful. Once again Brady outdid himself. If you want to see how awesome they turned out you can go to then enter the site. At the bottom of the page, click on clients. The password is: rawni. Kind of like bennifer or brangelina. Ryan and Tawni brought Russ and Kathy (Ryan's parents) with them this time. It was so great to have them here. On Friday, Ryan, Russ and Kathy went golfing with Steve at the Country club. Afterwards, we all went to Tomato Street for dinner, then came back to the house and played cards with Steve and Marilyn. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, this trip also entailed a bike ride around Hayden Lake for the guys. It was a great day for a ride. There wasn't even a bike accident. While the guys were out riding the girls went shopping, which sounds like much more fun to me. Afterwards they met us downtown at Red Robin for another meal and we walked around the boardwalk and the Resort downtown. What a fun weekend.! This is Russ, Ryan, Tyler and Alan before the ride.
I love the way the trees look right now. Tawni and Ryan still aren't tired of taking pictures so we took a few more.
Tawni, Ryan and Tyler.

Sunday in Paradise

On Sunday morning we all went to sacrament and then came back to the house so everyone could pack up to leave. It was so beautiful outside that we got a little distracted and had to go see the beautiful fall weather. It was a perfect Fall day.
You never could be snowing in two days, so we will take the sun now.
Here are the Piggotts and the Griffitts. We had such a great weekend with them all and hope they will make the trip up again soon....maybe they will fly next time. Sitting in a car for 9 hours isn't very fun.

Happy family!

September 29, 2008

Trip to Utah and The RACE!

On Friday, Alan and I were able to fly down to Utah to see the family. We first went to Wellsville to see Tawni and Ryan. When we got into town, Ryan took Alan on a bike ride and then we all went out to dinner with Ryan's parents, Russ and Kathy. Alan and I spent the night with Tawni. It was so fun to be there. By the end of the weekend we were able to stay one night at each kids house. Saturday morning Alan was able to participate in his first Duathalon with Ryan. Ryan had to run 2 miles, then Alan biked 12 miles and then Ryan had to run 2 more miles. The best part was that they won first place in the team division. It was so fun to see them do so well. Ryan's dad was also on a team with Ryan's brother in law, Kolby. They did really well also. What a fun event! This picture looks funny, but they are actually stretching before the race.
Alan and Ryan.
Alan, Sandy, Kathy, Russ, Ryan, Tawni, Heather (Ryan's sister), Kolby (Heather's husband), and their boy Sam.

The Racers!

Alan, Ryan, Russ and Kolby. We had so much fun cheering for these guys! They did awesome! Here is Alan cheering Ryan on at the end of the race.
Woo Hoo! Hot Chocolate to the winners!!! What more can you ask for. We were so proud of Alan and Ryan. Especially since this was Alan's first race ever.

Sandy and Tawni.


Here is Aunt Jessie reading to Alexis and Atlas.
Brad and Jessie! The view from Brad and Jessie's apartment. Alan and I and Tawni and Ryan were able to spend the night at Brad and Jessie's apartment on Saturday night. It is small but very cute! Thanks for letting us stay guys!
Alan found a snake that came from across the street from Brent and Meagan's house. This is a picture of the kids after they brought the snake back to the trees. Poppi was trying to teach the kids about looking before you cross the street. This is just so dang cute. Tallest to shortest. All holding hands with Poppi!