March 10, 2011

Going to Kentucky!

We were able to take a quick trip to Kentucky this weekend. I flew out on Thursday and Tawni, Ryan and Athen met me at the airport in Denver and we were able to fly the rest of the way together. Friday evening Alan flew out and we were so happy to all be together. We played games and just hung out. Here is our grandkid pic. Holy Cow! It's like a little anthill with non-stop movement. How quickly our family has grown! Gigi and Emy. This sweet little face is so deceiving. She is full of mischief, but we all adore her!

My babies with their babies....Meg, Leilah, Athen and Tawni.


Tawni and I at the Bowling Alley It was so funny to see little 20 pound Emy trying to lift a 10 pound bowling ball. It's hard to keep up with this little girl. She is so full of spunk, but we get the biggest kick out of her!

Ryan, Tawni and Athen!


Aiden's smiley face!

Our Saturday Activities

Alan flew into town on Friday night, so on Saturday we had the whole day to spend together. It was pouring down rain, so we had to do indoor activities. One of our favorite places to eat is Red Robin, so this is us....loading up on burgers and french fries! Cute Atlas playing with his Nintendo DS.

Emy and Meg before her dance class. She looked so cute.

Just something sweet about this pic.

Our happy little Athen. We love your smile and cute personality!

Baby Leilah's Blessing.

We are so happy that we were able to be in Kentucky for Leilah's blessing. She looked so cute in her dress and I just couldn't get enough of snuggling with her. She is such a happy baby and just loves to watch all the chaos going on around her. Must be because she is the last baby. We love her so much and are so thankful that she is part of our family!

We love our Family!

Here is the whole family (minus our Tyler), after Leilah's blessing. Brent gave Leilah an awesome blessing. Especially since she cried through the whole thing. It was funny because she never, ever cries, but she doesn't like to be layed back. She wants to sit up and see what is going on, so as soon as the blessing was over and Brent sat her up she was as happy as a clam. It's becoming a major ordeal to get all the kids and grandkids together to stand still for a picture, so we get it as quickly as we can. We love you all so much! Leilah and her mommy!
The Boys. Ryan, Atlas, Brent, Coen, Aiden, Brad and Alan...minus Athen who was sleeping.

The Girls! Emy, Meagan, Sandy, Tawni and Jessie...minus Leilah who was sleeping.
This was a very quick weekend, but we are so happy that we were all able to be together. Thank you to the Kentucky families of Meagan and Brad for letting us come stay with you. We are truly blessed! Until next time......