September 25, 2010

Priest Lake Marathon

So we decided that we would do one last marathon for the summer. We saw that Priest Lake was having their first marathon this year and it was on a Saturday, so we were able to sign up, and we didn't even have to drive 10 hours to Utah to do it. The race was at Hills Resort in Luby Bay on the west side of the lake, and we decided to go up the night before and stay in one of the cabins up there so we could sleep in. The other nice thing was that the race didn't start until 9:00 am. We had a lot of fun playing cards Friday night. It was cloudy in the morning, but the fog burned off. This was an interesting race. The description on the website said that their were undulating hills. What does undulating even mean??? Well I looked it up in the dictionary and this is what it said, "To have a wavy form or surface." Well "wavy" was not what we experienced. It was "mountainous".......for miles and miles. Good thing we didn't see it beforehand. It was the hardest run I have ever had, yet I was able to finish in 2 hour 19 minutes, which was 10 minutes faster than I did the Top of Utah Marathon a month ago. Wendy finished in 2 hours 8 minutes. She is my hero! We all agreed it was very hard, but we also said we would do it again.
Alan had signed up for the race, but wasn't able to run do to the fact that he just found out he has arthritis in his hip and it hurts like heck. We were so thankful for the cheerleader, photographer, clothing catcher, water getter, that he was. I know it wasn't easy for him to not run, but as I ran this race I was so thankful that he didn't do it because it would have been torture on that hip.


This is Wendy and I in our little naive state before we knew how hard this race was going to be! The next three pictures are of us at just the 3 1/2 mile mark. We were feeling good here because it was MOSTLY flat. We looped around and came back past the start/finish line and we were able to drop things off to Alan such as gloves, jackets, etc. I am glad he was there for us.

Wendy at the finish line. Alan was only able to catch Wendy as she crossed. He was busy handing out water and trying to figure out the camera when Randy and I crossed.

Marathon cont........

Wendy and I at the end of the Marathon. Once the fog burned off, this is the weather we had. Classic Priest Lake beauty!
Wendy and Randy enjoying the lake view.

I have the best husband ever! I am so lucky! I cherish these times together......

Randy got 3rd in his age division with a time of 1 hour 56 minutes. This is the only prize he got for all that hard work!!! We waited around for over 2 hours for this........
That said, we had another awesome weekend in the outdoors. Sad to see the marathon season end, but there is always next spring!