April 28, 2010

The Story of Athen Russell Piggott's Birth

So two weeks before Tawni's due date she was dialated to 2 and 100% efaced. The Dr. said that he would come any day. This put me on alert because I didn't want to miss the big arrival. I decided to fly down on Friday, April 9th because Tawni said she sort of felt like she was having pains and wanted me to come down. I have the best job in the world that told me to go and take all the time I needed to be a mom and Grandma. Tawni picked me up at the airport and the waiting began. We went shopping and went out to dinner with Ryan's parents and just enjoyed our time together. Every morning I would wake up and listen to see if their was any movement in the house. Saturday we all slept in and Sunday we went to church. Still no baby. Monday morning arrived and Tawni was off to work for the morning. I kept myself busy in the morning with making dinners, doing things around the house and waiting for Tawni. This went on for 5 days in a row. I have to say that I enjoyed this time with Tawni and Ryan so much! Once baby comes things get busy and change a lot. One night Ryan made sent us on a scavenger hunt and had presents for us at the end, and almost every day we walked around the neighborhood. That girl put in at least 1 1/2-3 miles a day! Still no baby.........

We had a lot of fun waiting and Tawni looked adorable as a little pregnant mommy................

Could this be it??????

Alan was able to drive down to Wellsville on Friday night and we went out to dinner. Tawni wasn't feeling well and was having contractions every 3 to 5 minutes on a regular basis, but they weren't very strong. We thought that maybe that night would be the night. So when we woke up in the morning and Tawni was still feeling ok, we decided to do things to get her moving. We walked around, ran some errands and shopped. Her contractions were still the same distance apart and a little stonger. Tawni looks so adorable and we took these pics before we went into town. The pains were a little stonger here.
We went to Jamba Juice and then went to the Temple because it was such a beautiful day. The contractions were strong enough that we talked Tawni into going to the hospital to get checked. To her total dismay, she was only dialated to a 2 1/2 and not making much progress, so they sent her home. She was not happy...........

........so we went home and had a barbeque with Ryan's parents and played games. You can't see it in this pic but Tawni is bouncing on one of those pilates balls to try to get things going.

She looks way too happy here to be in hard labor.

Athen is finally here!!!

Ok. After getting sent home on Saturday, Tawni was finally far enough along and in enough pain that they decided Athen was finally coming. She threatened that if they weren't going to let her stay this time that she was going to go home and have the baby there. Tawni was dialated to between a 4 and 5 and in a lot of pain. After 2 days of contractions 3-4 minutes apart she didn't even hesitate when they asked her if she wanted an epidural. Thank goodness for Epidurals! This picture was taken after they already had her all hooked up so she was feeling much better! She looks beautiful and Ryan looks terrified! This is what we told the men to do. They were very obedient. Alan and Russ were so relaxed right here that they even took their sandals off until the nurse scared them half to death by telling them that the floor was covered in all kinds of icky germs!

Here he is!!!! All covered in eye goop and not happy to be in the light. The little guy had a tough time getting out. He was posterier (face up) and Tawni had a hard time pushing him out. His heart rate kept dropping every time she pushed so the Dr. had to try and turn him so he was face down. Only made it half way and then had to put a vacuum device on his poor little head and pull him out while Tawni pushed, but he came out very quickly that way and they were able to avoid a C-section. Good job Tawni. Tawni was admitted to the hospital at 4:30 and Athen was born at 10:35 PM weighing 6 lbs. 7 oz. and measuring 19 inches long. He had gone potty in the womb so they had to suck his tummy out and make sure they got it out of him, so he wasn't very happy at first, but he calmed down quickly.

I kow this is a dark picture but I thought it was very sweet........the first chance Tawni had to hold him.

After the Birth

Tawni looks pretty good after all that work! We sure love being Gigi and Poppi.

Ryan looks totally sleep deprived, but he also looks very natural being a Daddy.

Tawni and Athen.

Athen comes home......

Athen was all ready to come home. He had his first outfit on and he swam in it. How can he help it.......He only weighed 6 pounds. Athen snuggling with his mommy in her pink robe.

His Grandpa Russ said it was time for Athen to get used to the remote. You can see how small he is because the remote is almost as long as he was.

My last chance to hold Athen before it was time for me to go back to Idaho. The Astin's were threatening to have my church records sent to Utah. I wouldn't have traded my time there with the little Piggott family for anything. I am so thankful that I was able to be with them and share the arrival of cute little Athen. Congratulations Tawni and Ryan. You are awesome parents and Athen is so lucky to have come to your family. I love you all!


I only got a couple pictures from Easter but we finally had a warm day and it was also Conference. It was a great day. We had people over for brunch and then Brad, Jessie, Aiden, Amy, Jeremy, Tytan and Mylie had an Easter Egg hunt. Here is Brad taking a picture of me taking a picture of him....Jessie and cute Aiden
Aiden is already a daredevil. He loves this!

Kentucky Pride! We better have Kentucky pride since between Brad and Brent, UK will be getting almost 1 million dollars!

April 01, 2010

My trip to Kentucky to see Grandkids!

I was able to go to Kentucky at the beginning of Spring Break to spend time with the Zastrow's. I was so happy to be with them and I love my little Grandkids sooooooo much. They bring me so much joy! Cute Emy adores her big brother Coen. Me and MY girl!
Emy in her Spring Dress.

Atlas, Emy and Coen

Love the Atlas face!

Kentucky Time!

This face describes Emy's personality to a "T". She is such a character. She loves all things girly, but she can take Atlas down in 2.3 seconds and have her teeth in him in 1.5 seconds. She loves to have her hair done, but then she takes out all the ribbons and ends up looking like this! She loves Gigi though and I adore her!

Coen writing his favorite things list.

I just had to capture the "crabby" face.

Playing in the Park

I had to leave on Wednesday afternoon, and we had some extra times, so we stopped by the park so the kids could play because it was so nice outside. I am going to miss my little kiddo's! Emy was fearless on the slides. She climbed right to the tallest slide and slid right down without even thinking.
Coen was such a good big brother pushing Emy on the swing.

Sweet Atlas!

My cute grandkids.