July 06, 2010

Happy 4th of July and Family Time!

We have had a fabulous couple of weeks with all the kids here. Meagan, Brent, Coen, Atlas and Emy arrived on June 16th. Tawni, Ryan and Athen came the week before the 4th and Mike DeMotte came a couple days before the 4th. We had so much fun spending time together. Eating lots of food. Playing games and laughing and finding things to do with all five of our beautiful grandkids. It has been truly a joy to just sit and watch them and soak it all in. We are so blessed!!! Here is a pic of Emy and I at the firworks on the 4th down at the Country Club. Atlas, Meg and Emy

Brad and Jessie

The gang!

Future Cheerleader!

Making Ice Cream with Poppi

Coen, Atlas and Emy got to help make Homemade Ice Cream. Oreo to be exact. It is Poppi's specialty. They were great helpers.

A girls pic. Meagan, me, Tawni and Jessie

Random fun for Brad and Mike!

Our family pic. We miss Tyler so much!!!! We are thinking we should photo shop him into this picture.

Time with Family

This is just an adorable picture of Athen. He is such a happy little boy. As long as he is fed, changed and held he is always content. Dinner at our favorite Italian Restaraunt. Tomato Street. Coen, Meg, Emy, Brent and Atlas.

Tawni and Ryan

Jessie, Aiden, Brad, Chris and Justin. We are so lucky to have had our other family members with us. Mike DeMotte is here with us for a few days and Chris and Justin came to see us. We sure love you all!!!

Atlas, Gigi and Poppi.

Aiden's First Birthday!

It's so hard to believe that Aiden is already 1 year old! Brad and Jessie gave him his own cake to dig into and he wasn't quite sure how to react. He loved his candle.

Here is a pic of Atlas reading to Athen.

Fun Day at Silverwood!

We were able to take the whole gang to Silverwood for the day. It was the perfect day to go. It was about 70 degrees, not too hot and there was no one there. We had no lines at all. The kids were so good all day. Adults and children were happy! We had little kid rides and big kid rides. It was the most fun I have ever had at Silverwood. We are so blessed! We missed Jessie though because she wasn't feeling well.
Here is Coen in the airplane.
Brad, Alan and I going on the scarey ride. They convinced me to go on another ride that was a big rollercoaster. Not the most fun. I ended up getting motion sickness. Luckily it was a short scarey ride so it wasn't too bad.

Atlas and Poppi.

The Train

We all took a ride on the train. Coen and Meagan. Poppi, Gigi and Emy.

Ryan, Tawni and Athen.

Brad, Coen, Brent, Meagan, Atlas and Ryan on the Water Ride.

Atlas was freezing cold, but he just wouldn't come out of the water. His lips were blue in this pic and he was shivering but he was happy.

Water Park at Silverwood

The Zastrow's at the water park. Cute Emy.

Coen having a blast.

Aiden and Brad.

Random pic of Atlas helping Uncle Brad mow the lawn.

Idaho Fun

The kids love climbing our trees. Here is Atlas lost in the leaves. Coen

All the girls went to the midnight showing of the Eclipse Movie. We had fun hanging out before the movie started. Sadly, I fell asleep several times during the movie, but I think it was good.......I am getting to old for late night fun. In the pic are me, Suzie, Jessie, Tawni, Meagan, Amy and Jenna

Tawni, Jessie, Meagan and I before the movie.

The boys...Ryan, Brad and Brent


We had a couple rainy days and the kids needed to be creative. Here is Coen in the car that he made out of a box. Ryan with little "Ryan Jr." Looks just like his daddy.


Atlas loves the little babies. He is so sweet with Athen and he loves Aiden too.

Our kids as Parents

There is nothing that makes us prouder than to see our own kids as parents to our Grandkids! They are all way more patient then we ever were and they are doing such a great job! It brings us much joy!
Aiden and his Daddy!
Tawni and Athen
Jessie and Aiden

Meagan and Atlas

Fun at Gigi and Poppi's

It finally got nice enough to eat outside. Emy loved it. Aiden, Coen and Atlas



I got the kids new Jammie's. Emy, Aiden, Coen and Atlas.