November 16, 2008

A busy week of visits

This week not only brought a visit from Meagan, Tawni and Emmy. It also brought a visit from one of my best friends from high school. Liane (second from the right) is currently living in Tel Aviv in Isreal. She hasn't been back to Idaho for about 15 years and it was good to have her stay with me for a couple days. One of the nights we met some of our other best girlfriends from High School for dinner and had the best time. Time flies. It made remember how much I cherished these friendships. From the left: Shannon Bullock, Kristin Herby, me, Liane and Debbie Doyle.

After Tyler's play yesterday we went to Red Robin for dinner with all the family. This was just a fraction of the people sitting at our table. We were sitting right next to Amy and Jeremy and Tytan. They moved back to Idaho this week. We are so happy!! Don't we have beautiful girls?!

Guys and Dolls

So..........Tyler was in the play "Guys and Dolls", along with Mathew, Caleb, Madison Leonard, Kent Cockrell and Jackson Hern from our ward. It was so fun to see the play. It was awesome! The kids are all so talented and it was very entertaining. We were sad to see it end. As a surprise to Tyler we had Meagan, and Tawni come up to watch and as a bonus we got to see little Emily. It was so fun to have them here for a quick trip. We love our family.

Cute little Emily. What a big girl!
Tyler's last play.

The Ensamble!

Matt, Jessie Little, Caleb, Tyler, Maddie, Kent Cockrell and Jackson Hern.

November 05, 2008

I've been tagged...

We've been tagged by Jessie. I won't answer for Alan. I will let him do his own.

**Five things I was doing ten years ago**
1. I still had all my kids at home.
2. I spent more time in the car driving kids around than at home.
3. I was working as a teachers aide at Hayden Meadows.
4. I was still driving an aerostar van.
5. I didn't have the internet.

**Five things on my to-do list today.

1. Work out at the gym.
2. Help Alan fix the heater in our house, because it decided to break down on the coldest day of the fall so far.
3. Go get massages with Alan cuz it's my birthday.
4. Go out to eat.
5. Pray that our new president will lead our country in the right direction.

**Five snacks I enjoy**
1. Doritos ( I know....not good)
2. Sour Patch kids (I know...not good)
3. Pepperoni Pizza (I know....not good)
4. Wheat Thins (Not so bad)
5. Anything cakey

**Five things I would do if I were a millionaire**

1. Pay off our house.
2. Pay for all our kids educations....all the way through dental and medical school.
3. Buy houses for our kids
4. Take the whole family on a big, fun, vacation.
5. Give to Charity.

**Five places I have lived**

1. Minnesota
2. North Dakota
3. Idaho
4. Washington
5. Virginia

**Five jobs I have had**

1. Worked in a Printing Place
2. Worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken
3. Worked at Burger King
4. Worked as a secretary in the business Education department in college
5. Worked at a Craft Store (there are more...but I will stop right there)

**Five tagged**

1. Heather
2. Lindsay
3. Marilyn
4. Steve
5. Riley