January 03, 2009

Cute Grandkids

We are so happy the Coen, Atlas and Emy get to stay with us for a few months. We love having them here. They are getting so BIG!

It's still Snowing!

This picture was taken through the screen door, so it is distorted, but it was taken on January 2nd. Another 7 inches of snow on top of everything else. The sun came out right after it stopped snowing and it was so pretty. This pic was taken out the back door.

Picture from the front door.

Happy New Year 2009!!!

We played Bunko at our house this year. We ate too much, yelled to much and had a great time! This pic was taken after we celebrated midnight. This is the older generation.

This is the younger generation. No words needed.

Meagan and Brent.

Jessie and Sandy

More Celebrating!

The Family!

Sandy, Alan, Doug, Caleb and Suzie
Cute Pregers Amy, Darbye, Jessie and Meagan

Hot Mama's!!!

Alan, Darbye, Caleb, Kellen and Steve playing cards.

More Snow!

They had to put the ladder on top of the snowpile to get on the roof. The snow is as high as the railing here.

Winter Wonder Land

We put Atlas in the Snow and he just kept saying, "I Stuck!"

Jessie, Brad and Sandy on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas!

This is Christmas Day Dinner at our house with the family! We had plenty to eat! Tyler and his Sissy.

Brad and Jessie!

Poppi and his Grandsons.

All the younger generation at the Ratelle's on Christmas Eve.

We love the Holidays!

Gigi and Baby Emy!

Can she be any cuter! I think the bow is almost bigger than her head.
Coen in the snow!

All the girls! You are all so adorable!

Family Fun!

We were able to go to Kelli's house to go sledding, make cookies and just hang out. Are these the cutest boys ever???? Cannon, Atlas, Tytan, Coen and Kale. Coen and Kale actually look like brothers here.....Tytan looks like one of them too. I think Atlas and Cannon look like brothers.

Tawni, Kama and Kale making cookies.

Meagan, Atlas and Tyler.

The gang!

This is Atlas, Alexis, Coen and Carter playing with Mr. Potato Head

Grandkids and Record Snow Fall!

Meagan and Brent and the kids were able to get here in the night before we received our biggest dumping of snow in one time frame ever. The morning after they arrived it started snowing and didn't stop for 36 hours. We were so happy they made it safe although it took them 16 hours to get here. Since Coen and Atlas couldn't really go outside they were able to make their Gingerbread House! Tytan, Coen and Atlas eating lunch!

This is the amount of snow we got in 34 hours! Unbelievable! Not only that....it was really, really cold!

This is only the beginning of the shoveling.

Snow, Snow, Snow.