May 20, 2008

ooopps! Date mistake!

I made a mistake on Meagan's due date! Thanks Lindsay for commenting on that or else I wouldn't have noticed. Meagan's baby is due on August 3rd. It's a few days before the wedding. Hopefully he will be early on on time instead of late. It's a busy enough time as it is!!!

Brad is getting Married!!!

Okay! So most of you know already, but I haven't put anything up on my blog yet.....Brad is getting married! He is finally old enough since he will be 24 in September. We are not old enough to have a child that old!!!! Anyway, this is his cute, wonderful fiance Jessie! We are so happy for both of them. We love Jessie and think she is perfect for Brad. If you are interested in their story you can check the link to Brad's blog on out blog and also Jessie's blog. The wedding is going to be in the Salt Lake Temple on August 9th. The next weekend will be a reception in Georgia and the weekend after that will be an open house/party in Idaho. Three weeks of celebrating all over the country!! We are looking forward to it. Add in a new grandchild (Meagan is due August 9th) and the summer is complete. What an exciting time for everyone!

A visit from Tawni!!!

Mother's Day weekend we were lucky enough to have a short visit from Tawni Ann. She only had a few days off from work and had just finished finals. Thank you Ryan for giving her up for a few days!!!! We had the best time watching movies, reading eating out and just hanging out together. We love you so much Tawni! Thanks for coming to see us!

May 02, 2008

A Visit From the Kids!

Meagan was able to come visit with the boys while Brent studied for his DAT, and Brad was able to come for a few days also in between semesters of school. It was so fun to have them here for a short time. As you can see in this picture...some things never change. (As a side note that has nothing to do with this blog.....for those of you that know Brady Campbell...and if you are a Griffitts, most of you do, he has taken Tyler's Senior pictures. Go check them out. They are awesome. Go to then click on full screen. After that go to the top and click on client profiles. It will ask for a password from there and it is "tyler". We love Brady's work!) Mom and the boys at Red Robin.
Atlas looks like he just put his finger in the electrical outlet. We finally, finally got a day that was sunny AND warm enough to go outside. So we all went to my nieces soccer game.
Tyler, Meagan, Brad, Sandy and Atlas.
Meagan and her cute!

Goofing Around

Alan was giving a ride to the time they were done Alan had drool all over the top of his head and his ear had almost been ripped off, but they were both happy. This is the look that Atlas gets right before he is about to do something he shouldn't.....
Coen and Poppi on the motorcycle.
I think we are sick. We went to Red Robin for lunch and for fun we give Atlas tastes of lemons just to watch his reaction. In fairness.....he also took turns putting the lemon in his own mouth.
Coen in space............