May 26, 2009

Our Memorial Day Bike Ride!

Here is our self portrait taken in Harrison. We decided to take our yearly bike trip on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alene's. We always say we want to do this a lot in the summer, but we have only managed to make it once a year together. It is the most awesome bike ride in the world. The trail is all paved on an unused train track. It takes you from all the way in Mullan, Idaho to Plummer, Idaho. We decided to start at Cataldo and ride about 7 miles past Harrison. We rode 68 miles. It took us 4 hours. The best things about this bike ride are: 1. It is all paved with asphalt. 2. It smells awesome because there are a ton of Cottonwood trees that smell really sweet. 3. It is virtually kind of bike ride! 4. There are no motorized vehicles it is pretty worry free. 5. It is absolutely beautiful! 6. Lots of wildlife. One year we saw a moose eating right off the path and a coyote. Lots of geese, ducks, swans and this year even saw some white pelicans that are not native to this area. They just come through every year on their way to wherever they go. We stopped and had lunch in Harrison. If you have never done this bike ride before, it is great for any level of bike rider. Lots of families, lots of older couples and people with dogs. We had a great day and the weather was perfect. We love North Idaho!!!!!!! This was the half way point for us. It's a biking bridge. It's at the south end of Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Random Fun

We had the most glorious weekend! The weather was awesome and Friday night we decided to have a bonfire in the back yard. The boys loved having a fire and roasting marshmallows!

We love our fire pit.
Atlas climbing the tree in the backyard.

I helped the boys plant their own flowers in their own pots. It's nice to finally have some color outside!

Our cute little Atlas!

May 11, 2009

Tyler's Sr. Ball

The kids went to the Duffy's for pictures before the Prom. They must have felt like we were the Paparazzi, because we had about 12 people taking pics of them. Tyler and Sydney. This is one of the nicest days that we have had the whole month of May. It was sunny and warm.

Tyler, Justin, Brian and Jason.

The Boys!


Here is a picture of the group that went together. The Prom was at the Coeur d'Alene Resort. They had a nice dinner and then dancing. Justin Goodwin and Carissa Larsen, Brian Duffy and Sadie Simon, Jason Wheelock and Meagn Adams, Tyler and Sydney Sharp.

Sydney did a really good job of putting on that flower. Better than I could.

My baby is almost graduated. This is very bittersweet for me. This was my last Prom too :(

Tyler and Justin. They looked so good!

Cute little Atlas!

This is just Atlas' personality to a T.

Fun time with Poppi

The boys....just hanging out with Poppi. Poppi and Atlas!

I couldn't resist this pic. Atlas wanted to read, just like Poppi.

The kids made crowns with the plastic Easter eggs. This is Meagan's way of being creative with those crazy things.

Princess Emy!!!!!

Miscellaneous Pictures

I am a little bit behind, but here is a cute pic of Coen, Atlas and Emy on Easter. They are so cute!

Coen in his T-ball uniform. He is a great T-ball player. He can hit the ball from the coach every time! He is also very good at first base.

For Tyler's birthday party he had a bon fire. They roasted starbursts and Marshmallows. In the pic are Tyler, Jason, Robby, Kelsey, Bubba and Carissa.

Happy Birthday Tyler!