August 10, 2011

The Long Bridge Swim 2011

We have had a fabulous summer!!! To see all the pics that I have posted for the summer, you will have to go to my older posts because I had a lot of catching up to do this summer.
The finish line......before all the people arrived.

Long Bridge cont.

Lame Duck Try-Athlon

While we were in Kentucky we were able to do a Sprint Triathon with Brent and Meagan. Alan and Brent were signed up for a long time to do the whole race, but then at the last minute.....2 days before the race, Meagan and I decided to sign up as a team. Meg has a friend that bikes, so her friend did the bike portion, Meagan swam and I ran. Alan and Brent did great, but Meagan was AWESOME on the swim. She has only swam once using the freestyle swimming motion and she did so great! It was an extremely hot and humid day, and the water temprature was about 90 degrees, but we sure had fun and were so happy to do it all together! We love our family. Thanks Brad for letting dad use your bike!
Family fun after the race. I think I kept sweating for an entire hour!

Hot summer days in Kentucky

The weather was very hot and humid in Kentucky when we were there and we were able to go to the pool for a couple of those days. The kids are like fish in the water.
Atlas floating on his back.Leilah and Poppi
This is how Aiden spent most of his time......trying to get the water out of his eyes. He was such a trooper though and was getting very brave by the end.

Kentucky Summer 2011

Our Atlas!
This is how we occupy Aiden at dinner.
Leilah and her Mama!
Coen and EmyEmy kept these glasses on the entire day.....even in the pool.

Kentucky Trip


Ryder Michael Griffitts

Kentucky July-Aug. 2011

Gigi and AidenGoofing around with Aiden and baby Ryder.
Like Ryder.

Yellowstone 2011

Taking it easy in Yellowstone!

Almost every day we would just go find some shade in the yard and just sit and relax. We love our yearly trips to Yellowstone and Island Park and we are so thankful to the Astin's and Wendy's parents for letting us stay at their cabin.
Jerry (Wendy's dad) loved showing us this big gun. We love him!
The big event of this year's trip was all the fishing that the guys did. They were very successful every time they went.
Our self portrait on our bike ride around Hebgen Lake.

Coen's Baptism and other fun.