June 02, 2010

Another trip to Wellsville......

Here are just some random pictures to begin with. Alan and I found ourselves once again making the trip to Utah. This time it was to bless little Athen Russell Piggott and spend time together. This picture was taken as we were actually leaving at the end of the weekend, but I like it. It sort of reminds me of Princess Bride....."have fun storming the castle." What a cute family!

Athen was all bundled up to come watch us do the Duathlon.

Here is a cute little smile. He is just starting to smile.

Athen's Blessing Day

Here is Athen on his blessing day with his cute parents. Both sets of great grandparents were at the blessing as well as both sets of grandparents to Athen. On the left are Kathy's parents and on the right (beside Alan and I) are Russ's parents.

Poppi had the knack of getting Athen to smile. We were so lucky to get to see him smile because he just started smiling this week.

After the blessing Ryan and Tawni had family and friends over for dinner. It was a great day and we are so happy that little Athen Russell (R.J. for short, which stands for Ryan Junior for obvious reasons.)

He has filled out so much in the last 6 weeks!

Cache Valley Duathlon

So the day before Athen's blessing, Alan and I participated in the Cache Valley Duathlon with Ryan and Russ. It was a 5 mile run and a 16 mile bike. You would think that we are getting really serious about races now, but the real story is that we just want to be able to say that we participated and survived......this picture needs explanation. As many of you know, Alan tore his hamstring a couple years ago in a bike wreck. It has been bothering him ever since and he hasn't been able to run. A few months ago he slowly started to run. This day was a big accomplishment because he completed the whole 5 miles without having to walk. It really is somewhat of a miracle if you could have seen him a few months ago. Well, he can run, but not too fast. As you can see there are not many (or any), other bikes around Alan at this point. He had just come off the run and knew there were not many runners behind him. As he got closer to his bike he yelled, "Where's my bike! Where's my bike!" I am sure it gave everyone that was watching a chuckle since his was one of the last ones's there. We were so proud of Alan! We knew he would catch up on the bike portion of the race. (Yes, I beat him on the run, and yes, he passed me on the bike). Russ, me, Alan and Ryan before the race. Russ had a buddy that did the run and he did the bike. Ryan finished the race in 1 hour 36 minutes. Alan finished in 1 hour 47 minutes and I finished in
1 hour 52 minutes. Alan and I had a goal of finishing under 2 hours so at least we accomplished that. I got 2nd place in my age group, (which wasn't saying much since there were only 6 in my age group.) We also got a prize for traveling the farthest to participate in the race.
This is us looking like real racers.....

Yeah! We finished!