January 01, 2010

Cute Kids!

Mike, Alexis and Carter DeMotte have been with us for the Holiday's and it's been a lot of fun. They are so cute and funny. Carter is such a big boy and curious about everything. Alexis is so sweet and gives the best hugs.
Aiden's favorite toy is a black necklace. I just loved this expression......

.....and even though this is blurry, I just love the smile!

New Years Eve Bunko!!!

Yea, these guys aren't hams or anything.This is a terrible picture of Chris, but I had to get Randy and Alan in the background. It use to be that every opportunity the young boys would have when they were younger they would try to sneak into the adults pictures and it was usually a bare rear end we would see in the pic. Now is payback time, but just the dad's mugs, not rear ends.

The son I didn't have to give birth to. It's been fun having Mike and the kids here.

Brad and Jenna.

Our BEST Friends Randy and Wendy.

New Years Celebrations

Here we have cute Brad and Jessie right before midnight. Love you guys!
Brandon came in his blue leisure suit. He had his giant martini class and a taquito for a cigar. He knows how to ring in the new year!
Wendy and I waiting for midnight.

Brad and Chris.

Alan and Steve