February 19, 2008

Our stop in Utah

After I left Hawaii I was able to fly to Utah and meet Alan at the Salt Lake airport so that we could spend a couple days with all the kids. We were able to see Brent and Meagan's new home and also see the Gerrard's. Here is Coen and Atlas playing with Poppi. Atlas and Aunt Tawni
Sandy and Marilyn. We ended up having the same sweatshirts. We are twins you know.......we were both born November 5, 1964. Oops, I just gave our ages away. I was born about 2 hours before Marilyn though. They always take such good care of us when we come to Utah and feed us more food than we could possibly eat.....but we try. We are so lucky to have such good friends.
Aunt Tawni, Uncle Brad and Atlas
Poppi succeeded where no one else could. We all tried to get Atlas to sleep, but Poppi was the only one that could finally get him to sleep. I think the fact that Carly was playing the guitar helped.

Our Family

Here is our little Atlas on his pony. He loves to ride on it. We brought Coen back his "Hawaii" Bear.
Gigi and Atlas
Poppi, Atlas and Gigi
Atlas, Meagan, Brent, Brad and Tawni at the Gerrard's

My week in Hawaii

On February 2nd, Wendy called and said that she had found a really good deal on tickets to Hawaii. The one catch........the tickets were for February 9th. One week away. For several years Wendy and Lisa had gone to Hawaii. They always asked if I could go. It never worked out. This year it was too good to pass up. Lisa's parents have a condo in Honolulu that they very graciously let us use and also a car. Thank you so much to The Bingham's!!!! What a relaxing week we had! In front of the Hilton Waikiki
Every morning Wendy and I would go for our daily walk, jog. We would pass by this statue. It had a web cam on it. One day Brad and Brandon were able to get on the computer and we waved at them......and blew kisses....and one day we were able to wave at Randy.
Lisa and Sandy at the Turtle Beach.
On the plane going to Hawaii

Fun In Hawaii

We all got matching hats.We stopped at the famous Matsimoto's to get some shaved ice. It was very tasty. This was the day that we went to the North Shore and watched the BIG waves at Pipeline.
This was one of the "small" waves when we first arrived. It was about 10 feet high. By the time we left the waves were at twenty feet. The day I left they were supposed to be as big as 30 feet. Scarey!
We were able to go see the Temple. It was so beautiful!

Our last night in Hawaii

My last night in Hawaii, we enjoyed the sunset, ate one more time at The Cheesecake Factory and made some virgin Pina Colada's to celebrate an awesome week. It was fun just to be "girls" again!!!Diamond Head from the beach. Wendy and I walked up to Diamond Head our first day. I think it was 8 miles round trip.

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory three times while we were in Honolulu. It was easy to walk to and the food was awesome!
Until next time.......

February 07, 2008

The year of the "Snow"

Well, we have broken an ALL TIME record for the most snowfall in a single year. The record went all the way back to the 1800's. As of this morning we are at about 135 inches. The record was 123 inches. This picture of the house was taken a week ago. The picture from the back deck was also taken a few days ago. Since the pic from the back deck we have received about another foot and a half. Unbelievable. Now we are expecting the big thaw. They say it will warm into the 40's so that anything that falls from the sky will be rain, or very wet snow. Tyler is completely fed up with shoveling and snowblowing. Can't blame him. I've decided I can't take it anymore and I am leaving for Hawaii this Saturday the 9th. My friend Wendy called last Saturday and said that she and my friend Lisa had just found a great price on a plane ticket to Hawaii. Lisa's parents own a condo their and they have a car. It is right by Honolulu, soooooo it could be the cheapest trip to Hawaii I will ever get. It was too hard to pass up. I will be there from Saturday until Thursday and then on Friday I will fly into Utah and meet Alan at the airport there and then I get to see my awesome kids and perfect grandsons!!!!!!! I can hardly wait.