September 30, 2009

We have news!!!!

I have finally been given the go ahead to announce that we are going to be the proud grandparents of our 5th Grandchild!!!!!!! Tawni and Ryan are expecting their first little baby on April 19th!!! She had her first ultra sound today and the doctor said the baby was moving around and kicking like crazy......just like it's parents. Tawni and Ryan don't have the I was told I could announce for them! We are so excited and hope the time goes fast for all. Tawni is 11 weeks pregnant and sort of coming out of the sick stage. She felt pretty icky for a while. All is well and we are so happy for them!!

September 01, 2009

Thank you Brady!

The Zastrow Family! Coen, Brent, Atlas, Meagan and Emy

Twenty Five years and counting!!!!......

Pictures by Brady Campbell

Before Meagan, Brent and the kids left we were able to get some pictures taken by Brady Campbell. He is our official photographer and no matter what he does he always takes great pictures. These pictures are so precious to us since our little Zastrow family is so far away from us now. Thank you Brady for creating memories for us to see and look at!