October 19, 2008

Weekend with Tawni and the Piggott's

Tawni and Ryan came up for the weekend so that they could get their engagement pictures taken by Brady Campbell. It definately was worth it. The weather was perfect for a fall day and the leaves are beautiful. Once again Brady outdid himself. If you want to see how awesome they turned out you can go to bradycampbellphotography.com then enter the site. At the bottom of the page, click on clients. The password is: rawni. Kind of like bennifer or brangelina. Ryan and Tawni brought Russ and Kathy (Ryan's parents) with them this time. It was so great to have them here. On Friday, Ryan, Russ and Kathy went golfing with Steve at the Country club. Afterwards, we all went to Tomato Street for dinner, then came back to the house and played cards with Steve and Marilyn. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, this trip also entailed a bike ride around Hayden Lake for the guys. It was a great day for a ride. There wasn't even a bike accident. While the guys were out riding the girls went shopping, which sounds like much more fun to me. Afterwards they met us downtown at Red Robin for another meal and we walked around the boardwalk and the Resort downtown. What a fun weekend.! This is Russ, Ryan, Tyler and Alan before the ride.
I love the way the trees look right now. Tawni and Ryan still aren't tired of taking pictures so we took a few more.
Tawni, Ryan and Tyler.

Sunday in Paradise

On Sunday morning we all went to sacrament and then came back to the house so everyone could pack up to leave. It was so beautiful outside that we got a little distracted and had to go see the beautiful fall weather. It was a perfect Fall day.
You never know.....it could be snowing in two days, so we will take the sun now.
Here are the Piggotts and the Griffitts. We had such a great weekend with them all and hope they will make the trip up again soon....maybe they will fly next time. Sitting in a car for 9 hours isn't very fun.

Happy family!