October 25, 2007


Ok, so.....I got tagged and I'm suppose to tag 6 other people, but all the people that I know that have blogs have already been tagged, so I will just write about myself, which isn't easy to do. I am having a hard time thinking of things you don't all already know, but here goes. I may even surprise my own kids.
1. I secretly would love to be on "Dancing with the Stars". If Jane Seymore and Marie Osmond can do it, I should be able to too. Hopefully I wouldn't faint on national T.V. like Marie did.
2. When I was 7 years old I was able to go to Austria with my Grandparents and climb the Alps. Most beautiful place in the world. (Next to Hayden, Idaho of course)
3. I have never in all my 42 years received a moving violation of any kind. Twice I almost got a speeding ticket. I was able to talk myself out of them though. Ask Tawni, she was there for one of them.
4. I love to work out. I think I have become obsessive. One hour of some sort of cardio and 1 hour of weights or pilates 5-6 days a week. I think the real reason I like to work out is because I like to eat too much. As I've gotten older I can't eat like I used to without gaining weight, so working out is the answer. I actually have a friend that I work out with every day and we call it our therapy session. Saves us hours at the psychiatrist.
5. I love watching football and race car driving with Alan. That's not too unusual, but I am not quite sure what the appeal of watching race cars go around and around and around and around is.........
6. I would much rather bake than cook. There is a difference. I love to make cookies, cakes, rolls, breads, etc. But dinner.....not so much!

Ok. Not so interesting, but there you go.

October 21, 2007

Wedding weekend for Dad and Deb!

We were so happy that Ryan came with Tawni for the wedding and a quick weekend in Idaho. Too bad the weather was so bad, but Alan and Ryan still got a motorcycle ride in up on Canfield Mountain. The girls and Atlas!
The happy couple
Tyler just woke up and still had his retainer in.
No smiles from him. Atlas was all smiles though.

More Fun!

Tawni, Jessi and Cassidi eating yummy food. Jim and Heidi enjoying themselves. We love our family.
Poppi and Atlas. What an easy-going little boy.
Gigi and Atlas!!

Dinner at the White House

So, the big day finally arrived! We all went out to dinner on Thursday night....the night before the wedding. We ate at The White House in Post Falls. It was belly dancing night. Quite interesting. We all smelled like garlic when we left, but it sure was good. This is a pic of Dad and Deb.

Meagan and Atlas, Tawni and Ryan showed up Thursday afternoon. Atlas was so happy to be hanging out with the family. What a happy boy. This is the smile that we saw the whole time!We were so happy to get to see everyone. We missed Brad, Brent and Coen though.

We love this pic of Uncle Jim and Atlas! Two Kids!!

October 03, 2007

Hayden Lake Fun!

Here is Dad's boat that logged many hours on the lake. We are so grateful that Dad has this boat. My brother Pete, Ann, Sandy, Alan, Deb, Dad, Heidi and Jim. What a family!
This is the whole crew. We were a little nervous about all of us standing on one part of the deck at one time, but we all survived and the pic came out great!
We even got to see a beautiful rainbow.....what a view.

Hayden Lakehouse 2007

So....this was the second summer that we were able to rent a lakehouse on Hayden Lake with my side of the family. The weather is always perfect and my Dad brings his boat so there is always plenty to do. We were there in the middle of July when the weather was hot. This year my dad brought Deb, his future wife. We sure know how to break her in with all the kids and excitement. What a trooper!
Hannah and Jessi had fun with the birthday decorations!

What is Tawni thinking???

Cutest Grandson's Ever!

So, I know I'm a little partial and I also know that Meagan has these same pics on her blog, but I really needed some updated pics of my grandson's on our blog. I'm so glad that we are able to use the internet in this way. In the old days....about 5 years ago, we had to print and send pictures in order to get updated pictures. This could sometimes take months or years depending on how often we could get to the store to have them developed. I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving when we get to go to Las Vegas to see both of them in person. Oh, and it will be fun to see Meagan and Brent too.......

This tells you what kind of personality Atlas has.....

.......or maybe this tells you what kind of personality Atlas has.

I wonder what Coen is thinking in this picture.