May 16, 2010

Doing the Ogden Marathon!

Ok, the Title of this blog is a little deceiving. Alan and I did participate in the Ogden Marathon, but we were on a relay team. We had just a portion of the 26.2 miles, but we sure had a lot of fun. We headed down on Thursday with Randy and Wendy Astin. We got in really late to Pocatello and stayed at Wendy's parents house. Friday we headed to Ogden to get our packets and try to rest before our big day. This picture was taken at Randy's mom's house in Mccammon, Id. It was beautiful! This is Wendy and Randy getting ready to head up to the top of the marathon at 4:00 in the morning. Whoever decided we had to start these things so early. Wendy was doing the full marathon. She is my hero! Randy is preparing for Ironman Cd'a that is next month and he was our first leg of the team marathon.

I can't believe I don't actually look like a zombie here. The team breakdown was Randy (7 miles), Marilyn Gerrard (6 miles), Brad Gerrard (5 miles), Me (5 miles), Alan (3.2 miles) I ended up running the three miles with Alan also. Randy ended up running all 26 miles. He just couldn't do 7. It was a fun event!


Brad, Marilyn, Wendy, Randy, Me and Alan. Here is our team and Wendy. Wendy did the whole 26.2 miles and so did Randy, although he was only suppose to do just 7 miles of the race. They are my hero's and I will not feel right until I actually accomplish the whole 26 miles myself. We had so much fun as a team though and it was a good first race for us. Kristi (26 miles), Wendy (26 miles), Me (8miles), Marilyn (9 miles)

Our cute husbands!

The Flying Kenyons!!!!

Post Marathon Fun!

After the race we were hungry, so we all went to a fun restaraunt that Carly told us about. We love our friends the Gerrard's and Astin's!!! Marilyn has the chocolate cake that Randy promised us we could have if we participated in the race.

On our way home on Sunday we decided to take the scenic way home with the Astin's through Salmon, ID. We stopped at this little store for a potty break and had to show off some of the antlers that the Astin's were bringing home for Brandon. It took us forever to get home because I think we stopped in every little town we went through to eat something or go to the bathroom.

We had such a great weekend! We have the best friends and every adventure is another memory we will cherish forever. Thanks for keeping us healthy and happy!

May 11, 2010

Elder Griffitts 6 month Anniversary!

Well, Elder Griffitts made it to the 6 month mark on his mission and we finally got some pictures! Here he is with his most current companion. He is now serving in East Las Vegas in a very less fortunate area. It is a humbling experience for him and we were so glad to talk to him on Mother's Day. He sounds great and is learning a lot about himself, others and preaching the Gospel. We are so thankful for this experience and we are proud of him!"Warning, if you unlawfully enter these premises you will be shot" is what the sign says. I wonder if they actually knocked on this door.

Elder Griffitts' first baptism. This man has pancreatic cancer and has only been given a few months to live. I am sure that he is thankful to have been baptized.

The Las Vegas Temple. They get to go to the Temple once every transfer.

This is right by his apartment in East Las Vegas. He says that he can see the Boulder Station Casino from his apartment. They are NOT allowed to go on the Las Vegas strip though. Good thing!