January 03, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Well, it's been a year since I updated the blog.  Instead of going back over the entire year of 2012, I am going to start new with Christmas and New Year's 2013.  2012 was a fun year with many travels, adventures and time with family and friends. 
2013 Started with the Handicap Hangover 5 mile run.  The weather was chilly, but perfect for running.  Along with Alan, Tyler and myself we had James, Aaron Porter, Amy, Jeremy, Randy, (Wendy was out of town) and Lisa Woods.  It was a great start to a new year!
Here is our little Angels Emy and Leilah on Christmas Day in Kentucky.  We missed not being with them for Christmas!
The Zastrow's were able to go to Disney World right before Christmas and from the looks of it, I think they had a great time!
Brad, Jessie, Aiden and Ryder went to Georgia for Christmas this year.  We also missed them and we love them so much!

Christmas 2012

All of our kids and grandkids were busy this month with Christmas coming.  Here are just a few pics that we recieved.  Oakley and Athen were so excited for Christmas!
Oakley celebrated her 1st Birthday on December 19th.  Unfortunatley we were not there for her birthday and she was sick, but she is so adorable and we love her so much!
Alan, Tyler and I participated in the Santa Run on Christmas Eve.  It was just a fun, free 4 mile run with our friends and we had a great time!  Such a great way to start the holiday!
Christmas Eve we had the Griffitts side of the family over for Prime Rib.  There weren't many family members in town.  The Reynold's, Steve and Marilyn and Darbye, Lyle and Tenley came over.  Christmas morning it was just me, Alan and Tyler.  We really had a great morning though and in the afternoon we went to see Les Miserables.  It was a quiet day and we missed our family, but we were able to focus a little bit on the true meaning of Christmas!

January 12, 2012

Christmas in Utah!

So the Thursday after Tawni had Oakley, Alan and Tyler arrived in Utah. We had one day and then the rest of the family flew in from Kentucky. Tawni was able to have a few days to settle in with a new baby and then she and Ryan graciously opened up their home to the whole family. Thankfully they have a good sized house with a finished basement and a bathroom in the basement too.......THANK YOU RYAN and TAWNI!!!!! It was awesome to all be together. I was able to do all the food and keep the house in order and loved playing the role of Grandma and Mom again. Christmas Eve was the day they all arrived so we were able to have the grandkids act out the Nativity while Poppi read. We did the quick version since the natives were restlesss, but it was very sweet and special. Afterwards everyone got to open up their jammies. It was one big party. Alan made his awesome Prime Rib for dinner and Christmas morning was a big brunch after presents. Then we were off to church. We feel so blessed to have all been together and we are thankful that everyone was willing to travel at this busy time of year. There is nothing better than family at Christmas and we are so thankful for the Birth of Christ!


We were so happy to have our WHOLE family together. I think that Alan and I were more excited than the grandkids Christmas morning. The Zastrow grandkids came in our room at 6:30 AM and Emy shouted, "MERRY CHRISTMAS to EVERYBODY"!!! She had so much emotion....I almost cried.

Tawni and Tyler
The Zastrow family!
The Griffitts Family
The Piggotts.....minus Athen. He was busy....


Coen was a Wiseman for our live Nativity.
Atlas and Emy were "Mary and Joseph"
Ryder in the shirt that Aunt Meagan made him.
Jammie Party. For Christmas Eve everyone got Jammies from me. It was fun to just be comfortable.


Our guys in their Jammies!
Girls with Jammies on!
As long as Athen had his candy cane he was happy.

Christmas Day

Coen, Emy and Atlas in the cute outfits Meagan made them for Church on Christmas day. Meagan made skirts for all the girls including Oakley and little ties, and vest for the boys. She made ties for all the nephews too. Awesome job Meagan!
Emy and Gigi

LeilahAiden and his Dada
Meg and Leilah