September 29, 2008

Trip to Utah and The RACE!

On Friday, Alan and I were able to fly down to Utah to see the family. We first went to Wellsville to see Tawni and Ryan. When we got into town, Ryan took Alan on a bike ride and then we all went out to dinner with Ryan's parents, Russ and Kathy. Alan and I spent the night with Tawni. It was so fun to be there. By the end of the weekend we were able to stay one night at each kids house. Saturday morning Alan was able to participate in his first Duathalon with Ryan. Ryan had to run 2 miles, then Alan biked 12 miles and then Ryan had to run 2 more miles. The best part was that they won first place in the team division. It was so fun to see them do so well. Ryan's dad was also on a team with Ryan's brother in law, Kolby. They did really well also. What a fun event! This picture looks funny, but they are actually stretching before the race.
Alan and Ryan.
Alan, Sandy, Kathy, Russ, Ryan, Tawni, Heather (Ryan's sister), Kolby (Heather's husband), and their boy Sam.

The Racers!

Alan, Ryan, Russ and Kolby. We had so much fun cheering for these guys! They did awesome! Here is Alan cheering Ryan on at the end of the race.
Woo Hoo! Hot Chocolate to the winners!!! What more can you ask for. We were so proud of Alan and Ryan. Especially since this was Alan's first race ever.

Sandy and Tawni.


Here is Aunt Jessie reading to Alexis and Atlas.
Brad and Jessie! The view from Brad and Jessie's apartment. Alan and I and Tawni and Ryan were able to spend the night at Brad and Jessie's apartment on Saturday night. It is small but very cute! Thanks for letting us stay guys!
Alan found a snake that came from across the street from Brent and Meagan's house. This is a picture of the kids after they brought the snake back to the trees. Poppi was trying to teach the kids about looking before you cross the street. This is just so dang cute. Tallest to shortest. All holding hands with Poppi!

Saturday at the Zastrow's and DeMotte's

After Alan and I left Wellsville we went down to Springville. We made it in time for the guys to watch football. This is a cute pic of Mike and Carter. Atlas with Uncle Ryan and Uncle Brad.

Emy and her mommy!
Brent, Emy, Meagan and Sandy
The Zastrow Family!

Emy's Blessing Day!

Emy wasn't too happy in this picture, but the dress sure looked cute. I was able to find a dress that all the grand daughters can use on their blessing day.
Tawni and Ryan were able to spend Saturday and Sunday with us. Mike and Brittany were there for the blessing. We were so happy to have them there. Here they are "practicing" what it would be like to have a baby.

We are so happy that Mike and the kids live right next door. This is such a cute picture.
The Family!!!

After Emy's Blessing

After Emy's blessing we spent the day sitting in the front yard just watching Coen, Atlas, Alexis and Carter play. It was so entertaining and such a joy just to watch them play together. They get along so good and they are all so cute. It was a beautiful day. We thought this picture was funny and cute. Funny because Carter looks HUGE next to Alexis. Well, he is HUGE next to Alexis. And cute because Carter was having so much fun pushing Alexis around on the trike.
Coen and Poppi!
Alexis, Coen and Atlas playing with Uncle Brad.
Such a cute picture of Emy! Atlas and the Elmo purse. He also is wearing Alexis ducky boots. He's a funny boy!

Hanging with the kids

Here is our cute little Emy. She got passed around to a lot of people that were very anxious to hold her. She slept most of the day. Blessing Days can be exhausting for babies!!
Alan spent about half an hour putting scotch tape all over the kids....hey, it kept them busy. Our little Atlas!
This is such a cute picture of Alexis (Mike DeMotte's little girl) and Coen. They all play together so good. We are so happy that they can all live near each other and play. Even though it's only for a few months.

Meagan and her Daddy.

September 08, 2008

Pictures of the Grandkids!

I know Meagan has these same pics on her blog, but I had to put them up on mine cuz they are so cute. I love this pic because it wasn't so long ago that Meagan was this little....... Emy doesn't look so happy in this pic. The boys sure do though!