April 07, 2008

Utah Trip April 08

We were able to take a couple days and travel down to Utah to see all of our little family and also see the Gerrard's. It was a lot of fun to be able to hang out, eat and play games. Here is Atlas eating one of his most favorite things.....popcorn. You won't find one kernell on the floor because he doesn't waste even one. Usually he has two hands full at a time. He's getting so big and I'm sure that he will be as good of a big brother as Coen is when their new baby brother arrives sometime at the beginning of August.

Playing Around

Guitar Hero was one of the games of choice while at the Gerrard's. Tawni and Ryan are awesome at it. Of course neither one of them is one bit competitive.....yeah right! On Saturday evening, all the guys went to the Priesthood session together.....
.....while the girls stayed home and played Hand and Foot.
Atlas was so cute rubbing Carter's head.
We sang Happy Birthday to Tyler since he will be 18 this week! Go Teej!!!

At the Gerrard's

Tawni and Ryan were playing video games with Coen. We got to meet Brad's girlfriend Jessi! We love her and she fit right in with all the chaos that comes when the Griffitts and Gerrards get together.
Coen and Atlas loved the swing that was outside.
The Gerrard's have a gas fireplace outside, so Bradford got his guitar out and we pretended like we were camping.

Meagan and Brent's House

We were able to stay at Meagan and Brent's one of the nights and it was so fun to be there. Coen and Tyler hanging on the bike.
Atlas is almost there.......
Atlas is definately a Mama's boy.

Hanging Out

In Utah it was nice enough to go outside and play with the boys for a while, unlike Idaho where we are still in WINTER!!!! Will the snow ever end? Atlas loves to be outside. Atlas and Poppi!!
Coen is awesome at Sports of any kind!
Coen and Poppi. He is getting so big. The first thing he reminded us of is that he is almost 5 years old.
The boys playing golf.....Grandpa Jim would be so proud!