April 20, 2009

Older Posts!

Please go to my older Posts to see the rest of the Wedding Pics I added. There are some cool ones there.


This is our friend Melanie Dalton. She has been a dear friend of the family since we were in college. She came over from Poulsbo, Washington with her cute family and helped us so much as we were getting things ready. We love you Mel and miss you so much! Welcome to the Kathy handbag society!

The Hayden Reception

This was the Candy Buffet at our house. Blues, Browns and Creams in different candy's.

Tyler and Travis at Tomato Street. The day before the Hayden Reception we were able to have some fun with our friends the Dalton's and the Piggott's. The Dalton's came over from Poulsbo, Washington. We were so happy to see them! They were nice to make the drive over. Tawni, Ryan and Russ and Kathy also arrived. We went out to eat at Tomato Street.

Ryan and Tawni after dinner.

Cute little Maddie Dalton was our official picture taker! She did an awesome job. We think she should have a career as a photographer. She didn't let us take any pics of her, but we got this one.

Love this picture of Coen. If you can't view all the pics I added today, cuz I added a ton.....go to older posts!

The Hayden Reception

Tawni and her Daddy at Tomato Street.

Little Emy loved Kathy's shiny shoes. Alan, Ryan and Uncle Steve.

Tawni and Kristi.

More Hayden Reception Pics

Our cute little Atlas! I know this pic is blurry but it was cute. These are the future graduates! Justin, Tyler and Kama.

Coen getting an ice cream sundae from the sundae bar.

New best Friends! Wyatt Dalton and Coen had the best time together! Wyatt told Melanie that he wants to come to Idaho every Friday to see Coen.

Kathy and Russ Piggott! We love you guys! Thanks for coming to Idaho.

The Hayden Reception~

My friend Wendy!!!! Wendy you are awesome!! I could not have done it without you! Thanks for all your help. Look....we are wearing the wedding colors! My cute sister Heidi! We love you so much!!!

I have the best friends! Meagan, Coen, Tawni, Melanie and me.

We kept teasing Travis that he imprinted on Emy. Emy loved Travis.

The Guestbook Table.

Wedding Pics

The Rings.

So Cute!

The Logan Temple.

Tawni and Tyler at the Candy Buffet.

Another Cute pic.

More wedding pics.

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tawni with Atlas, Coen and Emy. Meagan, Kylie (Heather's daughter), Tawni and Heather (Ryan's sister).

Lindsey, Meagan, Alyssa, Tawni, Brittany, Darbye and Jessie!

Jessie and Brad watching over the gift table!

More Wedding PICS

Love this pic of her feet! Her bow. At the Riter Mansion.

The bouquet.

Ooops. I picked the eyes closed pic.

Some more Wedding Pictures

This one she fiddled with the background. It was at the Riter Mansion.

At the Riter Mansion.

We love you Tawni.
The Griffitts Family. Everyone was so nice to come!!! We love you all!!!

April 03, 2009

Tooting Brad's Horn!

I just wanted to brag a little about Brad. He just finished his Capstone Project for his senior year and he was part of an awesome project that they did for Union Pacific. It would take me a long time to explain it, so if you want to read about it it is posted on the BYU Homepage right now. If you don't see it right away you can scroll through until you see the headline about Union Pacific. They are trying to make the Union Pacific trains more aerodynamic.

You can see Brad through the open hole in the upper left hand corner of this picture.

Here is the windtunnel that Brad was in charge of. I asked him....are you sure you want to be an orthopedic surgeon? I guess it's sort of the same thing. Either fixing machines or fixing people.