April 03, 2009

Tooting Brad's Horn!

I just wanted to brag a little about Brad. He just finished his Capstone Project for his senior year and he was part of an awesome project that they did for Union Pacific. It would take me a long time to explain it, so if you want to read about it it is posted on the BYU Homepage right now. If you don't see it right away you can scroll through until you see the headline about Union Pacific. They are trying to make the Union Pacific trains more aerodynamic.

You can see Brad through the open hole in the upper left hand corner of this picture.

Here is the windtunnel that Brad was in charge of. I asked him....are you sure you want to be an orthopedic surgeon? I guess it's sort of the same thing. Either fixing machines or fixing people.


Porter Family said...

Yea Brad! It is a pleasure to be related to such fantastic people.