January 03, 2013

Christmas 2012

All of our kids and grandkids were busy this month with Christmas coming.  Here are just a few pics that we recieved.  Oakley and Athen were so excited for Christmas!
Oakley celebrated her 1st Birthday on December 19th.  Unfortunatley we were not there for her birthday and she was sick, but she is so adorable and we love her so much!
Alan, Tyler and I participated in the Santa Run on Christmas Eve.  It was just a fun, free 4 mile run with our friends and we had a great time!  Such a great way to start the holiday!
Christmas Eve we had the Griffitts side of the family over for Prime Rib.  There weren't many family members in town.  The Reynold's, Steve and Marilyn and Darbye, Lyle and Tenley came over.  Christmas morning it was just me, Alan and Tyler.  We really had a great morning though and in the afternoon we went to see Les Miserables.  It was a quiet day and we missed our family, but we were able to focus a little bit on the true meaning of Christmas!